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The Day of Rest at Home








For the OKC community, a key part of Shabbat has been coming together with friends and neighbors. We engage in Jewish study, schmooze, and we pray together several times over the course of Shabbat.

In the time of pandemic, though, we are limited in our ability to join together for these practices. Shabbat thus falls even more heavily on our practices and customs in the home. The Religious Activities Committee (RAC) is developing resources to aid our members in observing Shabbat at home. As part of this effort to facilitate home observance of Shabbat, three new initiatives are being launched.  

OKC Shabbat Resource Guide: A collection of book recommendations and websites that provide basic information on Shabbat, guides to Friday night and Shabbat morning practices such as kiddush, motzi, and Havdalah; and websites that contain z’mirot (songs traditionally sung at the Shabbat table). 

The Friday Night Seder: An 8-week class, over Zoom, that provides information about – and opportunities to practice – the customs and laws of Shabbat home observance. Classes cover topics such as preparing for Shabbat, lighting candles, welcoming Shabbat with song, family blessings, and the prayers and rituals that accompany the festive Friday night meal. 

Sharing Shabbat - Discussions over Zoom: No matter how you’ve been having Shabbat at home, it can be useful and interesting to hear how other people do it. Join periodic Sharing Sessions to discuss each other’s Shabbat practices, with the intent of learning different approaches and enjoying each other’s experiences, practices, and tips. Sessions are planned for select Sundays at 7:30PM. Topics include:  
Shabbat Around the World: sharing our unique Shabbat experiences 
Songs of Shabbat: sharing Z’mirot (songs) and Niggunim (tunes)
Friday Night at Home: Making Shabbat Special: customs, rituals and family stories 
Shabbat Food Customssharing our favorite food traditions 
Shabbat Movement & Spiritualityintegrating physical movement and body awareness into Shabbat prayer and home observance 

For more information about these sessions, please refer to the OKC Calendar or contact Sharon Gelboin-Katz

The Religious Activities Committee would appreciate your feedback on this project. To share your comments, contact Glenn Farber

Sun, September 24 2023 9 Tishrei 5784