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OKC Officers, Board and Committees

OKC relies on the talents, efforts and energy of a diverse and dedicated group of lay leaders to support the numerous activities   of our dynamic community. 

Questions about Ohr Kodesh, the Board or how to get involved in a leadership role? Please contact Lizabeth Wagger, Ohr Kodesh President, at

Officers 2024/2025                                                                                          President, Lizabeth Wagger 
1st Vice President, Daniel Grunberger
2nd Vice President, Ari Blumenthal 
Associate Vice President, Gilda Zimmet
Treasurer, Ellen Elow-Mintz
Secretary, Sarah Horowitz

Board Members 2024/2025                                                                 Adina Alpert                     Natalie Graham                  Gary Libbin 
Fred Ansell                       Tamara Halle                       Nicole Rosen          
Ross Broms                      Sarah Kanter                        Adam Small     
Marc Cohen                      Simma Kupchan                 Sandy Walter                        Melissa Feuer                  Pnina Laric            

Past President                                                                      
Seth Yoskowitz ('19-'21) 

OKC Trustees                                                                           
Norman Goldstein, Kim Price, Erica Raphael, Gary Simms and Mel Stern  

Opportunities to Get Involved

We are grateful for the leadership of our members and are always ready to expand the ranks. Please consider lending your skills and experience to strengthen OKC. To get involved, contact


Our 2024 Volunteer Tribute Book

Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784