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Navigating our Jewish Paths

We inspire a love of Judaism by engaging in passionate, interactive learning. Our community of learners - students of all ages -  walk side by side as we navigate our own Jewish paths.

Ohr Kodesh looks to engage all members - from our Early Childhood Center (ECC) and the Alvin Browdy Religious School (ABRS) to an array of Adult Jewish Education opportunities, including ongoing classes on Jewish texts and annual Shabbat Scholars-in-Residence, Family and Women's Retreats, films and lectures. 

Our Commitment to Learning

OKC's dedication to learning is exemplified by our engagement as a community in the study of a single concept or question - in all its complexities and diversity of viewpoints - for a full year. This year our Annual Education theme is:    

'הננ - Here I Am

  When God called to Abraham and Moses, they responded “Hineini.”  Genesis 22:11, Exodus 3:4

             When God sought a prophet, Isaiah answered,         “Hineini: Here I am; send me.”  Isaiah 58:9 

Hineini (Here I am) summons us to focus our attention to our journey of teshuvah, repentance and return. In 5782, let us be abundantly present in our learning, tefillot (prayers), to religious and community life, to ourselves and to one another.

Join us as we study together.  Come and be present.  

Mon, August 15 2022 18 Av 5782