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Monthly Funeral Coordinators

When a death occurs, please contact one of the designated Funeral Coordinators for the month (see below) before contacting a funeral home or making arrangements. (If a death occurs on Shabbat or Yom Tov, please do not initiate contact until after Shabbat has ended.)

Ohr Kodesh is prepared to provide all possible guidance and assistance to members in good standing at Ohr Kodesh and coordinators from the Chevra Kadisha Committee will be assigned to assist the bereaved family.


December Funeral Coordinators

Sarah Hyams: 202-966-0585 (h) and 202-669-9451 (c)

Ron Kabran: 301-622-1949 (h) and 301-537-5766 (c)

Thu, December 9 2021 5 Tevet 5782