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Refugee Resettlement Donation

The Ohr Kodesh community is stepping up again to assist with the resettlement of a refugee family from Afghanistan - the Toorman Family. We must raise $20,000 to assure this initiative will be successful.

Monies raised will go into a designated fund managed by Ohr Kodesh, and will directly support rent, utilities, transportation, medical expenses, and other general living costs required to establish the family in the community. 

As of March 13, we are delighted to announce that the family is moving to our neighborhood near Temple Shalom. Both of the Toorman sons have started school at Bethesda Elementary and will transfer to Rock Creek Forest Elementary in the Fall.

Your assistance will help fill the gap for at least a year until the family can be more self-sufficient and independent. 

Thank you for your support!
Giving Circles Members: Thank you, again, for your generosity to Ohr Kodesh. This is a special, targeted effort to raise dollars that will be distributed by OKC for the resettlement of a refugee family, an activity external to the synagogue. Dollars on account are not available for this purpose. Thank you for your understanding. 
ex: Joel and Miriam Maisel
Fri, April 19 2024 11 Nisan 5784