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Sale of Chametz 5783 / 2023

What does it mean to "sell your Chametz"?
Jewish law prohibits Jews from using or legally possessing any chametz (leavened food) during Pesach (Passover). To ensure compliance with this norm, we may transfer title on any remaining chametz to a non-Jew. This chametz becomes the property of the non-Jew for the duration of Pesach and should be set aside in a place where it will not be disturbed during the holiday. Rabbi Corey Helfand will be pleased to act as your shaliach (agent) for this transaction by selling it along with the chametz of Ohr Kodesh Congregation.

How can you sell your Chametz
If you would like Rabbi Helfand to sell your chametz, please complete the form below. Note the following: It is permissible for one person to sell the chametz for an entire family. However, to teach the importance of this mitzvah, all members of the family are encouraged to sign this form. According to our tradition, one of the reasons that the Jews were taken out of Egypt was that they always remembered their Hebrew names. In that spirit all are encouraged to add a Hebrew signature when selling their chametz. There is an area on the form to include your Hebrew name, if you want. It is not required and the sale will still be honored.

When do I sell my Chametz?
This form must be completed online or deliverd to OKC in person no later than Wednesday morning, April 5, at 12:06 PM. Rabbi Helfand will make sure that all chametz can be sold before Passover. The Rabbi cannot be responsible for forms that arrive after this date and time.
Note that Rabbi Helfand will arrange a post-Pesach chametz “buy back” on Thursday night, April 13, at 8:45 pm.  One should not use or unpack chametz before then.

Authorization of Proxy 5783 / Sale of Chametz 2023

We/I hereby authorize Rabbi Corey Helfand to sell all chametz (leavened food) that may be in our/my possession. We/I understand that he will sell all chametz wherever it may be: at home, in my place of business, car, or elsewhere, in accordance with the requirements and provisions of Jewish law.
If you do not know your Hebrew name, you may leave this field blank. Your sale of chamtez will still be honored.
I would like to make a voluntary donation to OKC for having Rabbi Helfand sell my chametz.
If you are making a donation, after submitting this form, you will be directed to the payment page. If you are signed in to your account, you will have the option of billing your account or paying by credit card (with a 3% service fee). If you are not signed in or are not a member of OKC, you will be directed to pay by credit card.

And to this form I hereby affix my electronic signature(s). Please type your name(s)
Fri, March 31 2023 9 Nisan 5783