Engage in this year’s learning theme: Gratitude, Hakarat ha-tov. Let’s explore together how expressing gratitude helps us build a stronger intergenerational community

Ohr Kodesh watercolor by Michael ShibleyWe are an energetic, growing, and diverse Jewish community. We are children and grandparents. We are individuals and families. We are founding members and brand new members. Together, we cherish our tradition, embrace life-long learning, and strive...

We treasure Ohr Kodesh as a rich resource lighting our path and guiding our daily actions. It motivates us to bring Jewish learning to life in the world around us and to act in pursuit of Tikkun Olam (perfecting the world) and K'lal Yisrael (unity of the Jewish people...

Ohr Kodesh Congregation regards every person as having a place in the circle around the Torah, the Tree of Life. We maintain an inclusive educational environment that values every learner, at every age and stage and our varied interests and learning styles nourish a feast of intriguing choices for children, teens and adults of all ages and stages. Whether you're just taking first steps to know...


Message from the Director

Welcome to Ohr Kodesh Early Childhood Center!

I have been the director of the Early Childhood Center since 1991. It has been exciting for me to witness our transformations, and I am very...

People gather at Ohr Kodesh for spiritual fulfillment, to exercise their minds, and to meet with friends. Prayer services, formal and informal educational activities, communal meals and events, service projects, sports events, etc. all provide opportunities for Ohr Kodesh to bring together...

Upcoming Pledge 30 classes

Book Discussion: Rachel Braun

April 30, 2017 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Author (and Ohr Kodesh member) Rachel Braun will discuss her book: Embroidery and Sacred Text.  The book presents color photographs of her original Judaic needlework designs, with divrei tefilla and divrei Torah accompanying the embroidered verses.  There is also a chapter on the mathematical structures underlying even-weave design, and 10 new Hebrew and English fonts for embroidery enthusiasts.&

Installation Dinner & Volunteer Recognition

This year Ohr Kodesh Congregation will hold both its Installation Dinner and Annual Volunteer Recognition on Friday. May 26, 2017.  The evening will honor:

We sincerely hope that many will join for this evening and all will be welcomed. Kosher dinner will feature (main dish/cuisine), provided by TBD.  There is a fee of $36.00 for adults;  $18.00 for those under 18 to cover the cost of the dinner. 

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