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Programs for all Ages

Ohr Kodesh is a growing community and we are excited to add to our number of young families and children each year.

Whether you are a tot or a teen, there is a place for you with us on Shabbat!

Shabbat Children's Groups

Babysitting: All children from ages 18 months to 4 years are welcome. Upcoming Babysitting: Register Here

Torah Tots: For all families with children up to 5 years old. Celebrate Shabbat with songs, tefilot (prayers), stories, and parashah (weekly Torah reading) activities.  Upcoming Torah Tots: Schedule

Mini Minyan: For children in grades K-2, this interactive Shabbat service incorporates tefilot (prayers), parashah (weekly Torah reading) stories, and activities. Led by a service leader, children learn how to daven (pray) with kavanah (intention) while having fun! Upcoming Mini Minyan: Schedule

Kehilat Tefilah: A youth-led Shabbat service for all children in grades 3-7. Participants explore tefilot (prayers) and learn new tunes while supported by Teen Crew members and a service leader. Upcoming Kehillat Tefilah: Schedule

For more information about the Shabbat Children's Groups, please contact Wilhelmina Gottschalk at

Family Programs

Tot Shabbat: Led by Wilhelmina Gottschalk, Tot Shabbat is open to all families with children ages 0-5. Welcome Shabbat with family and friends during this musical service. Join the Ohr Kodesh clergy and staff for a family Kabbalat Shabbat service followed by a virtual oneg.

Pajama Havdalah: Pajama Havdalah begins with craft and activities and ends with a musical Havdalah with Cantor Labovitz. Don't forget to wear your favorite Pajamas! Open to all families with children ages 0-10 years. 

Teen Crew 

A special OKC teen program for 8th -12th Grade, Teen Crew, provides opportunities for teens to build leadership skills, learn how to plan activities, and create connections within the community. Teen Crew members serve as role models, teachers, and friends.

Working with adult service leaders, Teen Crew members bring the best youth programming to OKC children ages preschool to 7th grade.

To sign up for the Teen Crew, please complete the application form HERE. 

For more information about teen leadership opportunities, please contact Rabbi Batya Glazer.

Mon, August 15 2022 18 Av 5782