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The Health and Safety of Our Community

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of the Ohr Kodesh (OKC) community, and communal responsibility is critical to ensuring that safety. It is for this reason that we have put policies and procedures in place for all in-person activities. 

As we continue navigating what it looks like to move forward together, we must all be mindful that it takes time to adjust. We must continue prioritizing and be guided by our core values: Derekh Eretz (Respect and Courtesy), Chesed (Acts of Kindness) and Kehillah Kedosha (Sacred Community). 

Guidelines for Activities at OKC

If you are experiencing any symptoms or have reason to believe you have been potentially exposed to COVID, please stay home and follow all guidance offered by your doctor and/or the CDC. 

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS, as of March 13, 2022

Vaccine Mandate (for all OKC Activities):

  • OKC requires all eligible individuals who enter Ohr Kodesh Congregation to be fully vaccinated (and boosted) for COVID-19, unless they have a documented medical exemption.
  • OKC Vaccine Requirements Policy HERE.

Masking Policy: 

  • The wearing of face masks is optional at all Ohr Kodesh activities, including ABRS. The main exception is the ECC, which has separate policies.  
  • Recommended Masking: The OKC Health Committee recommends continued masking for select populations (also identified by the CDC):       •    2 or older who are unvaccinated or not up to date with Covid vaccinations 
    •    those who are immunocompromised 
    •    if you are 65 older 
    •    if you have severe health conditions 
    •    if you have more than one health condition 
    •    Pregnant and recently pregnant individuals. 
  • Those renting space for private programs taking place at Ohr Kodesh reserve the right to make their own independent decisions as well.

In the Sanctuary & Chapel - Weekday and Shabbat Services: 

  • To give congregants choices, there will remain a mask-required section in the Sanctuary with 3 feet of distance between rows in the area toward the windows. 
  • Torah gabbaim (assistants), Torah readers, and those receiving aliyot (called up to the Torah) at the shulchan (the Torah reading table) or honors will be required to wear masks, during the Torah and while on the bimah (podium).
  • We will conduct services as normal, including spacing on the bimah (podium). Torah Hakafot (taking the Torah around the Sanctuary) will not include touching or kissing the Torah

Shabbat Morning Kids’ Group Programming:

  • Kids from either the Indoor Service or Outdoor Service can attend together.
  • There will be no maximum size of groups.
  • Advanced sign up is mandatory for attendance.


  • Will be combined for the Indoor and Outdoor Services and seating options will be available indoors and outdoors.
Mon, August 15 2022 18 Av 5782