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Welcoming each new month together

We are the Rosh Chodesh Group for women at Ohr Kodesh. Our monthly meetings are a warm space for reflection, renewal, and camaraderie, and a time to pursue both our intellectual curiosity and our creativity as individuals and as a community. We encourage anyone wishing to be included in this circle of Jewish women of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences to join us. All are welcome!

For more information, if you have an idea for a program or have questions, please contact either Melanie Dankowicz or Tamara Halle

Please see the weekly emails and the Ohr Kodesh Calendar for dates, times, and locations of upcoming events. 

Upcoming Programs:

  • Adar I: 5782 (January 2022) Kesher: How to make meaningful connections.
  • Adar II 5782: Our Sap is Rising: We explore hormonal health at every stage. making herbal goodies and sharing pearls of wisdom. 
  • Nisan 5782: Under the Moon: We observe and experience our world on an evening hike.
  • Iyar 5782: Grounding principles for life: A creative craft experience through which we consider how values shape the lives we lead.
  • Sivan 5782: Beautifying Our Soul: We gather to prepare our prayer space and ourselves for the holiday of Shavuot. 
  • Tammuz 5782: We Ebb and We Flow: Ceremonies for the beginning and the end of menarche. 
  • Av 5782: Supporting the Girls: Mobilizing to donate the supplies that girls and women need in our community. 
  • Elul 5782: The Waters Support Us: We prepare for Elul with a visit to the mikvah.
  • Tishrei 5783: Spiritual Lights: The powerful poetry of Jewish-Feminist Marge Piercy.
  • Cheshvan 5783: Hodu ki tov: We create a prayer of gratitude and beautify it collectively. 
  • Kislev 5783: Reinventing Ourselves: We reflect together about career and life transformations.
  • Tevet 5783: Embodying the Qualities of Our Ancestors: We explore the blessings that are bestowed upon our community of children. 
Sun, September 25 2022 29 Elul 5782