Ohr Kodesh Status Update

To see the many activities that we have to offer generally via Livestream and/or ZOOM ...

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Offerings includes a daily AM/Shacharit service with recital of Kaddish (7:15 AM Mon. thru Fri.; 9:00 AM Sunday), a daily afternoon/Minchah service with Kaddish (6:45 PM Sun. thru Th.; 5:45 PM Friday), Kabbalat Shabbat at 6:00 PM Friday night, a Livestreamed Shabbat morning service at 9:00 AM, and a Community Check-in at 9:00 PM on Saturday night.

To access the Livestreamed Shabbat morning service (in person attendance is strictly limited and by invitation only) go to:      http://ohrkodesh.org/streaming

Also for a strictly limited number of people each week, Ohr Kodesh is conducting in-person outdoor Shabbat service. 

Facility Status: With all due precaution and then some, our Early Childhood Center is opening the week of August 31.  We continue to adhere to all restrictions stipulated by the State of Maryland and Montgomery County AND are paying heed to the advice of our own team of health care professionals, who have developed detailed procedures to help us ensure that any activities we carry out are as safe as possible.

Ohr Kodesh Congregation

8300 Meadowbrook Lane
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Phone: (301) 589-3880
Fax:  (301) 495-4801

Email: executivedirector@

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