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for the High Holidays

MACHZOR: Lev Shalem High Holidays Prayerbook Order

Ohr Kodesh is again offering the opportunity to borrow or buy a Lev Shalem Machzor (High Holidays prayerbook). 

Requests should be submitted with the Machzor Order Form by Friday, September 16. Prayerbook(s) are available for pick up at OKC starting September 6. 

You will need to return your prayerbook(s) by October 28, 2022 and if you do not return the prayerbook(s) by then, you will be charged $35 (cost of the prayerbook).  


Ohr Kodesh is managing orders of Lulav & Etrog Sets, which are important symbols of Sukkot and necessary for the fulfillment of the mitzvot of the holiday.

Adult Sets ($55) and Children's Sets ($50) can be ordered using the Lulav & Etrog Order Form due by September 16.

You will be contacted (by email) when the sets are available for pick up at OKC.


For those who need a space with easy access to the synagogue, there will be a limited number of parking spaces available on our main parking lot for those who have more limited mobility.

Please complete the OKC Special Parking Form by September 16 to request a Pass and one will be sent to you prior to the High Holidays.

You can also use you the standard handicapped vehicle pass. However, we would still appreciate you completing the form to assist in our planning purposes.

Sun, September 25 2022 29 Elul 5782