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Order Forms for Everything You Need

for the High Holidays


High Holiday Greetings

Each year Ohr Kodesh includes in the pre-High Holiday issue of its monthly Bulletin, a list of people who offer "High Holiday Greetings" to the Ohr Kodesh community. The requested contribution is $15 for your name listing.

All names must be submitted, no later than Friday, August 20!  Submit your Greetings Form HERE.

Annual Book of Remembrance 5782 / 2021-2022

The Ohr Kodesh Book of Remembrance provides an opportunity for individuals to honor beloved relatives, friends and other members of the congregation who are no longer with us. In order to be included in this year's book, please submit your form HERE.

Lulav & Etrog Set Orders

Ohr Kodesh will again facilitate orders of lulav and etrog sets, which are important symbols of Sukkot and are necessary for the fulfillment of the mitzvot associated with the holiday. All orders must be received no later than August, 20!

Please submit your order form HERE.

Machzorim (High Holiday Prayer Books)

Ohr Kodesh is again offering the opportunity this year to borrow or buy a Machzor (High Holiday prayer book). If you want to borrow a machzor (High Holiday prayer book), you will need to pick it up at OKC (available, starting August 23 ) and return your book(s) by September 30. If you do not return the prayer book(s), you will be charged $35 (cost of the book).  

Please submit your request by filling out the form HERE, by September 5. If you are an OKC Member, please sign in to your online account before your you fill out this form so you can Bill your Account.

Handicapped Parking Pass 

For those who need a space with easier access to the synagogue, there will be a limited number of parking spaces available on our main parking lot that can be used for those who have more limited mobilityPlease fill out this form to request a handicapped parking pass. One will be sent to you prior to the High Holidays.

Wed, September 22 2021 16 Tishrei 5782