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Youth Programs Ohr Kodesh

Ohr Kodesh Congregation is a member of United Synagogues of Conservative Judaism and we offer the youth groups of the conservative Jewish movement, Kadima (6th-8th graders) and USY (9th-12th graders). Additionally, we have programs for younger children in grades K-5 through out Machar and Bonim youth groups. Click HERE for more information or to register online.

For information on our youth programs, contact RLang [at] ohrkodesh [dot] org (subject: Youth%20Programs) (Rachel Lang).

USY (9-12th Grades)

USY (United Synagogue Youth) is a Jewish youth group dedicated to inspiring 9th-12th grade students to explore, celebrate, and practice ethical values as part of the Conservative Movement. The Ohr Kodesh chapter comes together in both study and entertainment, creating a unique bond between engaged, active, and responsible young adults in our community. For more information about the Seaboard Region of USY, please go here Visit USY Ohr Kodesh Chapter page to see any upcoming events.

Kadima (6-8th Grades)  

For students in 6th-8th grade, we offer Kadima. Like USY, this youth group works to encourage members to find deep meaning and personal understandings with the Conservative Movement. Bridging the gap between our wide range of students, the Ohr Kodesh Kadima chapter gathers at least once a month for fun and enriching events. For more information on Seaboard Region Kadima, please go here.

Machar/bonim (K-5)

Geared towards our youngest Jewish scholars, Machar and Bonim build the foundation for being engaged and curious in our Jewish community. With events ranging from movie nights to ice skating, children and parents alike create special bonds with the Ohr Kodesh young family scene!

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