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Bethesda Cares Sandwich Lunch Program

Prepare lunches on Sunday so that the homeless and working poor will have them for Monday. Bethesda Cares, Inc. is a community outreach organization for Montgomery County's homeless and working poor. It provides box lunches Monday through Saturday at local churches. Ohr Kodesh volunteers purchase ingredients, prepare lunches (60 cheese sandwiches, 30 pieces of fruit, 30 cookies) and deliver them each Sunday morning at an area church so Bethesda Cares can distribute them the following day. Volunteers are assigned a maximum of two Sundays during the year, except on Yom Tov or during Pesach. Please see below for downloadable instructions.  Lunch preparation can be done in the comfort of your own home. It is a good fit for families with young children. If you would like to participate, please contact ashoyer [at] sidley [dot] com (Andy Shoyer) to be added to the list.  Click HERE for instructions.

Shepherd’s Table

Shepherd’s Table has a need for prepared meals to feed approximately 100 clients for their meal services.  Once a month, a team of volunteers will prepare pans of side dishes to be delivered to Shepherd’s Table.  All food preparation will occur in OKC’s kitchen, and the start time for each volunteer team can be flexible depending on each team’s schedule. 

We are looking for 4 to 8 volunteers each month, and we wish to stress that this volunteer opportunity is suitable for everyone, including families with young children who can be safely and appropriately supervised in the OKC kitchen. Teams are responsible for 1) purchasing the main ingredients and serving pans; 2) food preparation under the supervision of OKC’s mashgiach; 3) cleanup; and 4) delivery to Shepherd’s Table.  For more detailied information and to sign-up click HERE

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