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37 Years of Dedicated Service

Rabbi Lyle Fishman and Debby Rosenman came to Ohr Kodesh in 1984.       Over the years, their family and our community grew and prospered. Sharing simchas and sorrows, we have joined together at moments of great joy and communal struggle - always strengthened by their leadership and spirit.

The time has come for a new chapter and the OKC community is thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate with them and honor their service to Ohr Kodesh.

Celebrations in Honor of Rabbi Lyle Fishman & Debby Rosenman

Mark your calendar

May 23, 2021: Gala Celebration: An Evening Honoring Rabbi Lyle Fishman and Debby Rosenman featuring OKC member tributes, special presentations and surprise guests. 

More ways to celebrate:

Celebration Video for Rabbi Fishman Part 2: Many people have asked if they can still submit wishes for Rabbi Fishman. We are going to make a celebration video part 2!! We will keep this open until April and then give him part 2 at the gala! Contact Barbara Libbin with questions. Upload your videos here.

Preparation of a book of Divrei Torah by OKC Members, to be bound and given to Rabbi Fishman and Debby Rosenman at the Gala, and a special Rosh Chodesh event to honor Debby Rosenman, focused on immigration and mental health.

Upcoming opportunities for donations towards our year-long fundraising campaign in honor of Rabbi Fishman and the sustenance of the congregation as a whole in this challenging time. 

Thu, May 6 2021 24 Iyyar 5781