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37 Years of Dedicated Service

Rabbi Lyle Fishman and Debby Rosenman came to Ohr Kodesh in 1984.       Over the years, their family and our community grew and prospered. Sharing simchas and sorrows, we have joined together at moments of great joy and communal struggle - always strengthened by their leadership and spirit.

The time has come for a new chapter and the OKC community is thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate with them and honor their service to Ohr Kodesh.

Celebration Tributes, Memories and Words of Torah

Gala Celebration - An Evening Honoring Rabbi Lyle Fishman and Debby Rosenman Event recording HERE.

Celebration OKC Member Videos - Check out personal messages of celebration and thanks from OKC Members, Staff, Family and Friends to Rabbi Fishman and Debby Rosenman: Mazel Tov Rabbi Fishman Part 1 & 2.

Gala Tribute Book - Program Book and Tributes to Rabbi Fishman and Debby Rosenman. View HERE.

Ein Aryeh: An Anthology of Divrei Torah (Words of Torah) - A collection of divrei Torah (words of Torah) by OKC Members and Friends in honor of Rabbi Fishman, covering each of the parashiyot (Torah portions) read during the year on Shabbat and the holidays.  Access the PDF and enjoy reading Ein Aryeh HERE. 

Fri, March 31 2023 9 Nisan 5783