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Chesed—Our committee work focuses on Acts of Loving Kindness to help meet life challenges among our members.

We work closely with the Rabbi. Sometimes, Chesed takes a large coordinated effort, at others, just a few moments. In the name of Ohr Kodesh, we hope to lift spirits, alleviate isolation, re-establish links among the congregational family. Our committee works with individual members, synagogue committees, and the synagogue staff to identify needs and organize responses.

meals ● transportation ● visits ● calls ● personal notes ● books for ill children

We also have an on-line community of volunteers: The OK Chesed Committee’s Lotsa Helping Hands. The LHH site makes the mitzvah of chesed easy! New volunteers are always welcome. These activities require only one-time commitments, such as buying some groceries for a home-bound family when you are already planning a trip to the store, or doubling your dinner to provide a meal for a fellow congregant. If you have time to throw some extra pasta on the stove, or would like to purchase a meal for a family, but can’t quite find the time to drop it off yourself, the Chesed Committee can help arrange logistics. To start receiving notices of ways that you can support Ohr Kodesh community members, simply register at You’ll be the first to know when a baby is born, and have the inside information necessary to help those in need.

If you are expecting a child, or are having surgery or have an illness in the family and would benefit from some community support – or if you know someone who would – please contact the Chesed committee at Chesed [at] Ohrkodesh [dot] Org. We’d be happy to set you up on the LotsaHelpingHands community support database. It’s so important to give others the opportunity to perform this mitzvah, so please let us lend a hand!

The Chesed Committee also welcomes participation at its regular meetings where needs are assessed and plans developed.

For more information, please call the synagogue office or send an email to the Chesed Committee at Chesed [at] Ohrkodesh [dot] Org

"And if you share your bread with the hungry,
And relieve the afflicted soul…
Then shall your light rise in the darkness
And you shall raise up the foundations of many generations"
Isaiah 58:7 & ff.


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