Pajamas & Pancakes Play Date - CANCELLED!

Murray & Nettie Kaye Social Hall (E + W)

CANCELLED on Jan. 31 due to lack of a sufficient number of RSVPs

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The Ohr Kodesh Mentsch Club presents a "Pajama & Pancake Play Date!" Mentsch Club members are encouraged to bring their kids (or grandkids) [geared for ages 0-10] to the Social Hall starting at 8:30 AM for pancakes and fun.  Pajamas are optional (meant to facilitate actually getting small kids out of the house early on Sunday); for adults normal casual attire is recommended. :-).  This event is open and meant for the whole Mentsch club, so if you don't have kids or your kids have outgrown the traditional Ohr Kodesh play date format come have pancakes and chat with the rest of us.

The cost is $5 per family to cover food.   Please RSVP by January 30 to:

Josh Stein: uwsnycusa3 [at] gmail [dot] com or David Horowitz: nthusiast [at] gmail [dot] com (nthusiast) so we can make sure to have enough pancakes and coffee.

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